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2019 Honda Civic Type R vs 2020 Toyota GR Supra

2019 Honda Civic Type R vs 2020 Toyota GR Supra

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When it comes to driving fast, the race is on between the 2019 Civic Type R and the 2020 Toyota GR Supra. When it comes down to the line, which one should you get? While there are appealing parts to both, we recommend the Civic Type R. This year's Type R has a leading edge in performance, thanks to its new turbo-charged engine, and an improved ride that strikes a perfect balance between sporty and luxurious. This year, there are more standard safety and tech features, too. While you might feel cramped in many sports cars, the Type R has a notably more spacious and roomy cabin than many of its peers, including the GR Supra. Although the Supra, which returns after a 20-year hiatus, gets more performance features this year, it still falls short of what the Type R offers. The drivetrain lags slightly, and the interior sacrifices some comfort for athleticism.


In tests on the track, the Type R consistently wins. That's because Honda goes to great lengths to make its engine as powerful as possible. This draws customers and gives the Type R an advantage over competitors. The Type R this year is equipped with a high-tech, turbo-charged 2.0L engine that produces up to 306 HP. This engine, which is a production of Honda's 50-year plus engineering, makes its much-anticipated debut in the 2019 Type R. Completing the engine's outstanding amenities is the fact that it is encased in a signature red cover. While the Type R's engine has been fine-tuned and adjusted over the years, the Supra launches this year with an engine that is more or less a trial version. The Supra's engine is also turbo-charged, but it has a slower acceleration time from 0-60 than the Type R. When it comes down to seconds on the track, this makes a difference.

 What's New for the 2019 Honda Civic Type R?

Interior Features

While the Type R stands out under the hood, its interior is equally impressive. Unlike most sports cars, which sacrifice passenger comfort for power, Honda keeps occupants' comfort in mind with the Type R. Notable features in this year's sports cars are suede seats, accented in signature black and red stitching, that have special bolsters designed to keep you in place as you take tight turns. The flat-bottomed steering wheel is wrapped in leather to give you comfort, luxury, and control at the same time. The Supra, in contrast, feels more like a race car than a passenger car when you're behind the wheel. While this is great for the track, it makes you think twice about using the Supra as your road trip car.

Style and Design

With beautiful red accents, which start with contrast stitching inside and extend to its high-powered brakes, the 2019 Honda Type R is striking from every angle. The Type R stands out with its detailed rear spoiler, custom-designed back lights, and available features like a carbon fiber package. There are six colors to choose from to make your Type R distinctly yours. Customers eyeing the Supra, contrarily, have expressed some concern (and disappointment) about the differences between the concept car and the end product. Given its collaboration with BMW for the car, auto shoppers note that the car's long nose and distinctively Toyota front end detract from its tough, athletic, race car appearance.

 2019 Honda Civic Type R for Sale in Gurnee, IL

If you're spending money on a sports car, chances are good that you want one that is both powerful and attractive. With its custom exterior design and meticulously engineered engine, the 2019 Honda Type R gives you the best of both worlds. When you're ready to take one for a test drive, just contact our dealership, and we'll help arrange a time for a test drive. While you're here, you are invited to test out the Supra too for comparison's sake.

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